1. nanjing university of posts and telecommunications (njupt) is located in nanjing, a historically and culturally rich city, and owns four campuses, namely xianlin campus, sanpailou campus, suojincun campus and jiangning campus.

                njupt was established in 1942. it is a national world first-class discipline university and high level university of jiangsu province; double first-class university developed jointly by ministry of education and jiangsu province. njupt is engineering-oriented with a focus on information technology, integrating such disciplines as science, engineering, economics, management, literature, education, art and law, and offers multi-layered educational programs leading to bachelors, masters, and doctors degrees, as well as post-doctors positions.

                njupt has a well-structured faculty of over 2600 people, including 984 supervisors to doctoral and master students. among full-time faculty, 60.67% have advanced professional titles, and 95.70% possess doctoral or master’s degrees. a nobel laureate has joined njupt faculty, taking the lead among universities in jiangsu province. njupt boasts no lack of high-end talents on its faculty team.

                centering on the goals set by the university, the university will accelerate the development of world-class disciplines and high-level university in jiangsu province, comprehensively improve the development quality, and steadily improve its educational level and general strength.